Luciana Aymar | The best player in history and her life in Chile: “I like the wine and the landscape of the south”

A mural in the Municipal Sports Center of Frontera, Argentina, unites Lionel Messi, Emanuel Ginóbili and Luciana Aymar. The work, inaugurated in August of this year, recognizes three legends of Argentine sports and reflects the brilliant career of the female representative. The hockey player, considered the best in the world eight times, has enough merits to be at the height of the main soccer player on the planet and a former NBA figure. Now retired, that same star lives in Chile. ‘Lucha’, as she is historically nicknamed, has been in the country for six years.

Luciana Aymar is in a relationship former tennis player Fernando Gonzalez, with whom today he has two children: Félix and Lupe. “With ‘Feña’ we met at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Each one knew who the other was, but we only met again in 2014 and we started dating in 2016,” he says in dialogue with AS. “That same year I came to Chile. It was fast, we were already big, did you see? ”, She adds between laughs.

“I like the country, all Chileans have received me with great affection. Obviously I miss Argentina because I lived in Buenos Aires for many years, but I am used to being away from my family due to travel and my sport”, Luciana Aymar, who is a native of Rosario, deepens.

– What do you like most about the country?

– I really like Chilean wine.

Aymar laughs and thinks: “I also love the landscapes that the south has. I really like the south of Argentina and the times we’ve been to Chile, I loved it (…) Fernando’s family treated me very well and I liked being here”, he explains.

“I also enjoy the evolution of Chilean hockey, that makes me very happy. It’s ‘Cacho’ (Vigil) with the Diablas and that is important because I started doing things with hockey. I hope that it continues to develop as best it can because that would imply that hockey evolves in South America”, he complements.

The former athlete defended the Argentine hockey team between 1998 and 2014. With Las Leonas she won two world championships and four Olympic medals: two bronze (Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008) and two silver (Sydney 2000 and London 2012). His legend was embodied in the 2016 film ‘Fight, playing with the impossible’.

In Argentina he coincided with Vigil, the current coach of Las Diablas: “’Cacho’ has been doing an enormous job for many years. It seems to me that he is the ideal coach for Chile. He is a team builder and he was forming this group of girls who dreams of making a change in Chile and is achieving it: he did well in the World Cup and he did very well in the Odesur”.

– Which Diablas player has caught your attention?

– The ‘Manu’ (Urroz) because I know her (laughs). There are some. Chile play very well together and they are physically well. If the country continues to do well, the local league will improve and hockey will change. Hopefully the younger generations continue to join this revolution.

Last week, Luciana Aymar accompanied Fernando González in the book ‘the best right in history’ journalist Gonzalo Querol: “As his wife, it makes me enormously proud because our children can see what he was like as an athlete and what he is like as a person,” he says.

– When you were also an elite athlete, did you know Fernando González?

– Yes. I admired him before I met him because my family is a tennis player. My dad, my mom and my brothers played, so we were all big fans. We followed Fernando, Nicolás (Massú), all Argentines a lot… at home we saw all the Davis Cups, all the tournaments and once he made me get up early (laughs).

Today, with a life formed in Santiago, Luciana Aymar feels happy for González: “That today she has a book where her career is recognized and where she can helping other people by passing on their experience and attitude makes me very happy”. Just as she has done with the sport of Argentina.