Louis Casanova | “They come with desire”: the three young people who promise in the U

Luis Casanova was at the Azul Sports Center before starting his vacation. As a brand ambassador adidasthe defender of the U took advantage of his stay in Santiago to attend the adiCupa tournament that brings together 16 women’s and 16 men’s teams as part of the project Social Impactwhich aims to “democratize access to sport for people”.

The championship was played at the CDA, on the same pitches that have seen the club’s good values ​​growsome of whom today are presented as great figures. Casanova attended AS and took advantage of highlighting players like Lucas Assadi and Darío Osoriotwo footballers who took off early, took responsibility and received the call from the national team.

Also, The defender from Universidad de Chile risked it with three youth players who could follow a similar path in 2023 to that of the two recently named blue youth squads.

– How do you assess the appearance of players like Assadi and Osorio in the first team?

– Good. It gives it a different essence, it gives it that mystique that the little ones have, the strength, the claw, the energy they have. You have to keep mixing that with the experience of some and try to empower them even more.

– Are you encouraged to name another youth that this 2023 can replicate this?

– There are several guys who play well, perhaps they lack experience, but time gives that. In juveniles there are several: it is Agustín Arce, Enzo Fernández and Cristian Pardo, They are players who are looking forward to it, so let’s hope they can finish their development and make contributions to the U.