Lorenzo Reyes after the attack on a Huachipato footballer: “I’m the player with the most passes, who’s talking about that?”

Last Tuesday Ñublense and Huachipato defined one of the semifinalists of the Chile Cup in Chillán. After the locals’ victory by 2-1, the overall score of the series was equalized, so the passage to the next round was defined through penalty kicks, with the power plant team winning.

But after the passage of those from Talcahuano, a complex situation was experienced. The Red Devils player Lorenzo Reyes intervened in a dispute, slapping Bastián Roco in the back.

For the same reason, the Chillanejos midfielder used his Instagram account to express his disclaimers for what happened.

“It’s amazing how people crucify you for making a mistake. They don’t understand that apart from being professional footballers we are also human beings. We also make mistakes, we also make mistakes. It is impressive how we Chileans highlight the bad over anything good. You can do 10 good things and one bad thing and they always highlight the bad”, he begins by saying in the history of the social network.

“This year I have had an important and very positive football rebirth. Thank God almost every week I’ve come out in the dream team of the date. I am the player with the most accurate passes in Chilean football. I am the player who makes the most forward passes in Chilean football. I am the player who steals the most balls in Chilean soccer. But where does that come from? Who talks about it? No one”, continues the footballer.

“Why? because they are good things and most people want to see and hear bad news. That’s why when you read or watch news it’s almost all bad, because that’s what sells. That is what most people are interested in, ”she continues in the publication.

Lorenzo Reyes apologized for his actions through a message in the stories of his Instagram account.

Then he begins to recount what happened after the game and offer the corresponding apologies. “Now that I made a mistake it came out everywhere. I reacted badly in front of a co-worker. It was wrong and I fully accept it despite anything Bastián Roco may have said or done. Nothing justifies such a reaction and for that I apologize especially to him and to all those close to him who felt attacked.because it is also a man to assume when one is wrong and I was wrong”.

“Also tell the Huachipato fans that they felt ‘betrayed’, I made a mistake with a player, not against the club. He would not be able to say or do anything to harm the club that gave birth to me and for which I am very grateful. Be careful, that’s off the pitch, because on the pitch I’ll risk my life against any team to win and represent the shirt I’m wearing as best I can. Still, nothing will change the love I have for Huachipato,” he added.

In turn, he dedicated other words to his current team. “I also want to apologize to anyone who is part of Ñublense who felt bad about my actions.. After all, Ñublense trusted me when nobody else did, so if any member of Ñublense felt bad, I apologize.

He ended the topic by pointing out that “those who have played soccer at some time in their lives know what this is like. The revolutions are a thousand on the court and everything happens very quickly and when you lose a game, especially one that is important, and you feel that they make fun of you, you often react badly. I go back and repeat, nothing justifies what I did, but it is to put things in context. I would never say what he said or what another player did, because for me the bears that happen on the pitch stay there”.

Then he was critical of social network users, explaining that “they have become a refuge of negative comments for many people. People feel empowered to give their opinion and say anything about another person that in the end they don’t even know. I have seen comments towards other people so crude and violent that it really impresses me so much cruelty.

“But what impresses me the most about that is that people love each other so little that they can be hitting you on the ground and instead of someone coming to help you they come, but to continue hitting you to sink you even more and that does not happen with him. football only, but it happens in life”, he added.

“Not everything is bad. There are also positive messages and messages that help you to keep striving every day to improve on and off the pitch. So, with you, grateful always“, hill.