Lorenzo Antillo: The signal we should have given was unity

The candidate for the presidency of the ANFP Lorenzo Antillo, former president of Audax Italian, recognized that the current top leader of the organization that directs Chilean football, Pablo Milad, he invited him to form a unit list, in a proposal that they later “took off the table”.

“Indeed, and we accepted that invitation. We accepted it because I genuinely believe that it was appropriate for this moment in Chilean soccer, that today the ideal would have been that there would have been no choice, because what we are in, of presenting different programs and points of view is quite exhausting, divisions are generated in the Council of Presidents and the signal that we should have given was unity,” he said in conversation with Outdoors in Cooperative.

For Antillo, the ideal would have been for “There would have been a single list and that for the good of football we had given that signal that it was quite good, we accepted it; then, the proposal was taken off the table, I don’t know why, and obviously we decided to go with our candidacy because it is the conviction that we have”.

In this sense, he considered that in the case of winning the elections, “the first measure would be to sit down or provoke a work table with the Government and authorities to resolve or begin to resolve the issue of security in the stadiums so that football can play under normal conditions as a show and the second measure would be to start the implementation of the schedule to separate the Federation from the ANFP within two years”.

The former Italian director assured that his candidacy is the one “that has the most votes, the one that should get the most votes in the first round. The second round is another story, but we are hopeful that we will get the majority necessary to win.”

Antillo postulated the idea of ​​working together, “with a clear agenda” to avoid episodes of incidents inside the stadiums, for which it will be important to regain the confidence of the Government and the authorities: “We can carry it out, order it and try to ensure that football can be played everywhere”.

“I think we have to give signals as an industry, as football. The first thing is that this is not only solved by football, it is solved by a multidisciplinary work table where the Government, the police, the Safe Stadium, the ministries, the Anjuff have to converge , the Sifup, and the ANFP,” he said.

For this reason, he submitted that “the Government and the Ministries do not want to meet with the ANFP because they consider that it is inefficient, so being efficient and showing the authority that it is going to be proactive, toughening sanctions for people who commit criminal acts in the stadiums, you have to go hand in hand with the governments to amend or toughen the laws, but also with the clubs, which effectively make a big effort”.

“Football has to be updated and modernized. There is technology to implement, we need support from them and that is what we are going to look for to solve the problem, if they ask how we have to start, is to identify criminals before they enter the stadium, once they are inside it is difficult to do anything, you have to prevent them from entering and that is done with technology and working hand in hand with the authorities,” he said.

“I don’t want to criticize Pablo Milad, we have to be fair and say that he had a complex period, a pandemic that was overcome, today we have to look to the future, we have to worry hard about recovering the value of the industry, of our league , competitiveness, to recover management, provide the ANFP with a corporate, professional government that can meet the objectives that we are commenting on,” he declared.

“There is an urgency that is security, of the first points that if we are the ones who are elected to command the next eprid we are going to worry immediately, just as we are going to start immediately with the separation process of the Federation and the ANFP, youth football also has to be a priority, and women’s football. There are many things to fix.”

In addition, he feels that the ANFP has to be an entity that supports the clubs.”