“London is happy”: Alexis warms up the preview of the ‘final’ against Tottenham

This Tuesday, Olympic Marseille will play the most important game of the season so far. The French team will receive Tottenham by the last date of Champions League group stage. A win will put the team in Alexis Sanchez in the next round. Precisely, the Tocopillano will live a very special duel against the English, given that his past in Arsenal, the Spurs’ closest rival, is still latent. This was made clear at a press conference.

“I have a lot of love for Arsenal, I spent very nice moments of my career there. I have nice memories with the fans and the people at the club. When Arsenal beat Tottenham it was a tremendous joy and London was all happy “he pointed.

About the ‘final’ that the Olympique, Sánchez commented that “we play at home and with our people. I trust my colleagues (…). I think I’m here to make history with the club and I have the same motivation as my teammates. Tomorrow with the people at home I think we are going to leave everything on the pitch”.

“The experience I have in this competition is more about calm. That is reflected before and during the game. I think that’s important in concentration, but it also depends on each player being focused on a game as important as tomorrow’s”, he indicated regarding key aspects to control nerves in the previous one.

Alexis also compared French football to the Premier League, as well as explaining why Marseille has slipped away from the top spot in Ligue 1. “For me, football here is more similar to English physically and mentally. I think we are on the right track. Sometimes if things don’t work out, I think it was due to misfortune that we weren’t focused or due to details that the match presents to you. I’ve been here three months and I’m happy.”

We are six points from second and I think we have done things well. Sometimes each player has to give a little more to be second or why not be fighting with Paris. I trust the team, we’ve played well and we haven’t been lucky enough to get things done”, he added about the club’s news.

The national attacker also recalled his time with Antonio Conte, current manager of Tottenham. “The Mister is a coach who always demands you, he squeezes everything out of you and if you don’t give one hundred percent (laughs), he won’t let you play,” he said.

As on other occasions, La Roja’s top scorer praised the Marseille fans. “The fans are impressive, how they support you in the streets. I can’t leave the house, but I hope I can give joy to all the people of Marseille”.

Finally, he returned to value the beginning of his stage in France. “I’ve been in Marseille for three or four months, I know little but it’s nice. I love the stadium. When you enter the field your hair stands on end and you say ‘I want to give this fans a joy’, because they support you throughout the match”, he sentenced.