Lionel Scaloni: Messi showed that he is the best of all time

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The starter of the Argentine team Lionel Scaloni reviewed the classification of his team in the quarterfinals of Qatar 2022 against the Netherlandsvaluing the delivery of the squad and defending captain Lionel Messi for spicy statements prior to the duel.

The Netherlands played in ways we didn’t expect, and it’s all about football. We know what his football culture is, but the results are with (Louis) van Gaal. It is true that the party in the second part was cut. It is lawful. We are satisfied“, he said at a press conference.

This team has the spirit to be able to face the situation at all times. From my point of view we didn’t deserve to go to penalties, but even so the team always showed its face. They never give up a game for lost,” he added.

“We had the game under control, but football has this, even when you think everything is finished. It is essential to never give up. I’m not going to talk about the referee Mateu, I know it. He finished well and we left it at that,” she added.

Regarding the extension, the DT indicated that “playing our football we could change the result. How many samples of character we already gave. The team knows what to do at all times.”

Today Leo (Messi) showed that he is the best of all time”, he expressed, in response to Van Gaal’s sayings about the “10” in the previouswhere he said that he “doesn’t play much when he doesn’t have the ball.”

Argentina’s next game will be on Tuesday, against Croatia, for the World Cup final.