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Since they assure that like the other social networks, it is a scene of deception ranging from false job offers to fraud such as pyramid schemes. As well as the popular case of the Lazarus group, which has used LinkedIn to distribute malware in several attacks in recent years, several malicious actors use LinkedIn to carry out scams, steal credentials or distribute malware that allows them to steal sensitive information or even move within a network. corporate network.

In this context, LinkedIn announced the launch in the coming weeks of new security features to provide more tools when identifying the authenticity of an account. The ESET research team analyzed them and highlights what to take into account for account protection:

The first of the new functions is called “About this profile” and allows you to obtain more information about an account. For example, the date a profile was created, the date it was last updated, if the phone number is verified, or if the email associated with a LinkedIn account is from a company.

This way you will be able to access this functionality to obtain more information about a profile. Source: LinkedIn.

Another novelty is the announcement of a learning model based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify profiles that use synthetic image generators through AI, since sometimes fake profiles on LinkedIn use this technology to give accounts a legitimate appearance, the company explained. This new model promises to be more effective and will even be able to identify and remove fake accounts even before they reach someone.

And the third and last novelty has to do with messages, since LinkedIn announced that in some cases people will be alerted when messages include suspicious content that may affect security. For example, in cases where someone may try to follow the conversation on another platform, since this is a practice often carried out by criminals when carrying out scams. In addition, the possibility of reporting these messages or marking them as safe will be added.

English example of how LinkedIn will alert people to messages that may pose a risk to their security.  Source: LinkedIn.
English example of how LinkedIn will alert people to messages that may pose a risk to their security. Source: LinkedIn.

These new security features will be available soon and we hope that they will be effective in reducing the chances of users becoming victims. Beyond these new tools, the key continues to be the awareness and education of users when using technology. Being on your guard while enjoying technology”, comments Camilo Gutiérrez Amaya, Head of Laboratory at ESET Latin America.

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