Like it or not, this will be the voice of Seth Rogen for Donkey Kong in the Super Mario movie

This Sunday a new promotional advance of the long-awaited digital animation film based on Super Mariofeaturing not only the popular plumber in a cat suit – in the style of the video game Super Mario 3D World – but also realizing the voice that Donkey Kong will have in the original dubbing.

And considering that the actor Seth Rogen will be responsible for giving voice to the popular gorilla, surely very few people could have expected that the final result would be different from what can be heard in the movie. Bad or bad, the voice of this Donkey will not have much variation to what can be heard in all the movies of the actor of knocked up Y superbad.

Watch the trailer below.

Consider that the English dub of Super Mario has been in the crosshairs of fans since it was announced that Chris Pratt would be responsible for voicing the titular character.

Furthermore, the previous trailers showed that the interpretation will not differ much from what the actor has already done. The Guardians of the Galaxy in movies like The Lego MovieAlthough some have noted that Mario’s signature voice, performed by Charles Martinet in the video games, simply cannot be replicated.

However, although Bowser will be voiced by Jack Black, the trailers have teased that the lizard villain’s voice will not be heard as the normal voice of the actor from school of rock.

Finally, I keep in mind that, since his first appearances, Donkey Kong’s voice has been marked by very different sounds, whether in classics like Donkey Kong Country or appearances like Mario Kart. So you can see it in the following video.