LG and Unity work to offer ideas in virtual space

LG Electronics signed a memorandum of understanding with Unity, the world’s leading platform for the creation and operation of 3D content in real time, for the development of the virtual spacemeta-households and digital humans.

The virtual space and Meta-Homes will allow users to create a highly accurate “digital twin” of their personal space, allowing them to spend time in a dynamic virtual version of their own home.

All LG products installed in the user’s actual home can be found inside. In addition, any adjustments the user makes to the settings, features or functions of their LG devices within the digital environment will be reflected in the real world, providing an innovative, convenient control method and a new pleasant experience for the customer.

Virtual space and digital residence

Users of the virtual space can also personalize their digital residence by rearranging furniture and appliances, and meet other Meta-Home users around the world to share personal tips and experiences on using LG’s advanced lifestyle solutions.

On top of that, they will feature ultra-realistic digital humans that can detect when users need assistance by offering timely support. For example, if they need help managing a specific device feature. Through the integration of LG’s speech recognition, natural language processing and contextual learning technologies, as well as the sophisticated Unity engine used in various industries, these digital assistants will be able to communicate in a uniquely natural way.

In addition to their conversation skills, the virtual occupants of the Meta-Homes will make interactions feel more “human” thanks to their realistic facial expressions and gestures appropriate to the situation.

“Meta-Home will leverage LG’s advanced technologies with digital humans and deep understanding of consumers and the home environment, plus Unity’s unmatched capabilities in real-time 3D content and computer graphics, to deliver true innovation in customer experience,” said Dr. Kim Byoung-hoon, CTO and Executive Vice President of LG Electronics.