“Let the truth reign”: Ricky Martin’s nephew who accused him of sexual abuse broke the silence

Ricky Martin was once again in the eye of the hurricane after his nephew Dennis Sánchez accused him of sexual abuse for the second time and filed a lawsuit against him.

The accusations first came out in July, after a judge in Puerto Rico issued a restraining order against the artist. At that time, it was learned that his nephew claimed to have had an incestuous relationship with his uncle for seven months.

“When everything is resolved…”

After suing Ricky Martin again, Dennis spoke for the first time about the serious accusations on the show. Sit down who canwhere he insisted on his complaint and claimed to have evidence of what happened.

“The sexual crimes division of the Puerto Rico Police has now opened an investigation for the evidence that we have presented and everything that has happened, since I was 12 years old,” said the young man, according to what was recorded. Infobae.

Along the same lines, he added that “I cannot speak because there is an open investigation, but I do wish with the greatest force that all the evidence comes out soon and justice is done in court.”

Likewise, the young man assured that he does not suffer from mental problems, as the artist had affirmed. “This is simply a strategy to change the narrative,” explained the young man.

“When everything is resolved and the evidence comes out, I will be able to speak. Let the truth reign”, concluded Dennis Sánchez.

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