“Let him self-intern, he is on the patio”: Paty Maldonado sent a powerful message to Ale Valle

Paty Maldonado was one of the faces of the national show that joined the criticism received by Ale Valle, for not having interrupted the sexual performance carried out by the group “Las Indetectables”.

It is for this reason that the opinologist analyzed the words of José Antonio Neme against the ex-panelist of “Intruders” and supported his sayings.

Paty Maldonado in a dive against Ale Valle

“I think that Neme fell short in saying ‘let yourself be seen’, I would say that it is better that she grab a small suitcase, fix her little things and go inside alone. Let her self-intern. She is on the patio, ”she commented.

The communicator continued talking about the events that occurred in Valparaíso. “Did you believe Alejandra Valle that we are hu… Chileans? If all the filming there is, you are endorsing, you are applauding and then you are saying ‘those of rejection will never understand this art because it is a metaphor,’ she said.

The former panelist of “Mucho Gusto” spoke in harsh terms against Valle. That cynicism, that lie. She is a liar. I think that the Valley, apart from doing enormous damage to Approval, does enormous damage to journalism, ”she questioned.

Maldonado was emphatic in saying that “Is it a metaphor to get a flag out of the ra**? Why didn’t he take out a flag of the Mapuches, of the gays? Because you know that if you mess with the Mapuches, you know what happens, even with the gays”.

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