Lenovo introduced the ThinkPhone, its new smartphone created with Motorola and designed for the world of work

In the context of CES 2023 Lenovo presented its new team: the ThinkPhonea smartphone designed by that company by the hand of Motorola.

As you can deduce based on its name, the ThinkPhone is a phone that seeks to be in line with Lenovo’s famous ThinkPad computers, so its proposal is focused on the world of work.

Thus, although the ThinkPhone has typical smartphone functions such as a 50MP Ultra Pixel camera as well as two other sensors on its back, the focus of his proposal is on security and functions for work.

In this sense, Lenovo points out that the ThinkPhone is capable of easily integrating with ThinkPad equipment and also has a function called “Instant Connect” to connect to other PCs. All in addition to other spin-off features like a unified clipboard, unified notifications, file transfer, application streaming, and the option to use ThinkPhone cameras as ThinkPad webcams.

And connectivity aside, the ThinkPhone will come with security features like Moto Threat Defense, Zero Touch and Moto Secure, an app Lenovo says “serves as a hub for items related to security and privacy.”

Other points to consider about the ThinkPhone are its Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, its 6.6-inch FHD+ display, USB-C connectivity, and a 68W TurboPower fast charging feature.

Lenovo and Motorola’s ThinkPhone will be launched in the coming months in the United States, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Australia and some Asian countries.