LEGO is denying requests for a Zelda-themed set

LEGO is reportedly denying posts mentioning The Legend of Zelda on its community-driven platform, LEGO Ideas.

The Legend of Zelda is a very popular Nintendo video game franchise. Of course, there are quite a few Legend of Zelda fans who also like LEGO and have created awesome builds to submit via LEGO Ideas, but those fans will have to wait for LEGO Y Nintendo resolve this issue first.

Nintendo Y LEGO have had a growing collaboration in recent years, which has led to the release of multiple Nintendo-themed LEGO sets. These have focused entirely on the Super Mario Bros. franchise, including some interactive sets aimed at children. However, the partnership has yet to be extended to other Nintendo franchises.

The report on this alleged ban on The Legend of Zelda in LEGO ideas comes from BrickFanatics. The LEGO-focused website claims that The Legend of Zelda-themed projects will no longer be allowed on the platform, and all proposals will be rejected.

The reason is described as a “license conflict”, which has not been an issue until recently. It is not clear what exactly has changed in the relationship between Nintendo Y LEGO.

What this means at the moment is that all existing The Legend of Zelda-themed LEGO proposals on the LEGO Ideas website have been rejected. BrickFanatics explains that in the past there have been at least 8 different fan designs based on The Legend of Zelda that have reached the 10k vote mark on LEGO Ideas.

This is the threshold needed to receive a review from the LEGO team, but all of them have been rejected. From now on, The Legend of Zelda projects won’t even get a chance to be reviewed.

BrickFanatics claims that this may be good news for fans of The Legend of Zelda. While fan-made proposals may be prevented from becoming a reality in the future, the decision to ban them could be because Nintendo and LEGO have agreed to release official sets.

That doesn’t necessarily make up for fans not being able to pitch their ideas, but it would be better than nothing.

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