“Learn from the mistakes of others”: the reflection of Mauricio Israel after criticizing Vidal for being absent in a special achievement of one of his children

The face of TV+, Mauricio Israel drew attention after reflecting on the rain of criticism that Arturo Vidal received after not attending a school event of one of his children for going on a trip with his partner to Dubai.

The opinionologist referred to the comments of users who labeled the King as “daddy heart”, sending him a particular message in the program Follow me and follow you after the footballer responded to the criticism with a curious message.

“This situation hurts me and it hurts a lot because I have lost many things about my two children, perhaps too much. I am criticized a lot for that very thing… ”, he pointed out according to the site look what he did.

“It doesn’t matter the circumstances, I missed them and that time is not recovered… it is causing injuries to the children, in father-son relationships, I am suffering from it,” Israel said.

“Maybe I had commitments”

“I agree with the phrase that Arturo says, that there are people who criticize and have a worse life than you. But that does not mean that if one has the possibility of living situations with their children, life, it does not matter what the reasons are, “reflected the TV face.

“Maybe he had commitments, we don’t know, but I understand the anger and annoyance that it generates in some people, that instances like this are lost, because he will not recover it,” said Mauricio Israel while his colleagues debated the subject.

“I just want to tell you: learn from the mistakes of others and hopefully the opportunity to repair this mistake, which in my opinion is a mistake, if you have the possibility, do it, so that you do not reach my age with the shortcomings and with the pain caused by having wasted time on other things and not on the ones that really mattered,” Israel added, generating various reactions.