Leandro Benegas’ wife raises her voice on her return to Chile and sends a warning to Colo-Colo fans

The former Independiente de Avellaneda striker became the sixth reinforcement of the albos for the 2023 season.

Colo-Colo continues with its preparation for the new 2023 season in Argentina, where the arrival of new reinforcements was made official. The first to fall to the preseason was Carlos Palacios from Vasco Da Gama and then he made his arrival Leandro Benegas that, even when I had everything ready, some details were missing to be worked out.

In his presentation to the media, the “Bull” did not hide his desire to play for the Eternal Champion in this new campaign. In addition, he also clarified that his family was the one who pushed to come to the Monumental Stadium and stated that they were key in the decision to return to Chile.

Under this idea, the wife of the former Curicó Unido, Liz Aguerodeclassified the reasons that led the center forward to take this alternative to reach Macul.

Colo-Colo is a challenge

In conversation with Las Últimas Noticias, Liz stressed that getting to Popular is a nice challenge. “Leandro always tries to give his best at each club that hires himwith every shirt he wears. He is very professional, takes great care of himself and tries to improve himself.. Colo-Colo is a challenge, but I think he’s going to measure up. I’m so proud of him”.

But when asked about the reasons that led him to return to the country, Agüero clarified that it was for his daughter (Chilean), who missed her life here with her friends, because being in Argentina she could only visit them from time to time.

“Olivia (their daughter) was born in Chile, she is Chilean and she has all her friends there. I missed the country a lot because we only came to Chile to visit or on vacation. Moving to Buenos Aires last year was a big change for her, but she is a very sociable girl and so it didn’t take her so hard to adapt. She is very friendly and cheerful and was really looking forward to coming back“.

To close, the wife of the new Colo-Colo scorer pointed out that she also wants to do the papers to become a national. “I love Chileit seems to me a country too orderly with respectful people. I have many friends with whom I never lost contact. Sorry my country, Olivia (the daughter they have with Benegas) is Chilean, Leo is nationalized and now I want to do the paperwork myself. We intend to stay in Chile“, he concluded.