leak source code with thousands of animations and fatalities never seen from the first games in the series

Mortal Kombat is one of the most iconic video game franchises in the industry. It is because its tone generated a lot of controversy in the early 90s, but also because it introduced an unusual animation technique for the time, so much so that the behind-the-scenes videos of how they captured the movement of the fighters are almost as legendary. like the game itself.

This being the case, it does not go unnoticed that A few days ago, materials allegedly leaked from the source code appeared, both on networks and on YouTube. of the first 3 installments of the saga and that bring to the surface never-before-seen animations, fatalities and general assets of these classic games.

“Here I put the sprites of the MK2 code, recently ‘uploaded’, and they are added MKT prototype sprites with some bits from MK3 and MK1 (monks, guards and more)”cites the description of a video that condenses everything and in which you can also find links to download materials. “There’s probably more than a thousand files in BMP format, it will take some time to extract them”Add.

While, for his part, the Twitter user with the account @annoyingdog322 published a thread of around 20 tweets with all kinds of assets, animations and sprites.

So the MK2 source code ‘leaked’, I was taking a look at the sprites in there and this blew my mind, what do you think?

Files include sprites and animations for Kitana, Liu Kang, Raiden, Sub-Zero, Kintaro and more, as well as placeholders and stage elements that are a real treat for the most intense fans of the fighting saga, but could also be categorized as historical heritage of video games.

#1 – Johnny Cage!: I found a ton of animations for this guy, including an unreleased fatality and MK3-style combos. We were speculating that this fatality animation was a premature version of the Brain Rip from Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance.

#3 – A discarded kombo sequence for Kung Lao. Doesn’t make much sense, are you missing some frames?

Mortal Kombat, a historical phenomenon

Before gta, Manhunt, call of duty or own Doomwill take the controversy in video games to stratospheric levels, was Mortal Kombat. In a time when Street Fighter, Fatal Fury either the king of Fighters were the norm, with cartoonish sprites and fantastic powers, appeared a Midway game that, while inferior in terms of mechanics, introduced a realistic tonescandalous for the time.

Mortal Kombat quickly became a phenomenon, but also an infamous video game among Conservative parents and legislatorswhich led to the formation of the ESRB, the rating system that prevails in the video game industry to date.

By 1994, the home version of the game -let’s remember that it first appeared in arcades- had sold 6 million copies. thirty years laterthat figure amounts to almost 80 million games, between all its deliveries, the most recent of which was Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate.

In fact, it was expected that a couple of weeks ago they would announce the twelfth installment of Mortal Kombat, something that Ed Boon, father of the franchise, had to discard. But hey, the fact is Mortal Kombat It is still more current than ever.