Latife Soto surprises with an enigmatic warning for the remainder of October

The tarot card reader Latife Soto once again surprised her followers on social networks with a particular warning for the remainder of the month.

During the last few weeks, the seer has made people talk with a series of predictions and analyzes that could still be fulfilled.

At the end of September, Soto anticipated that two earthquakes would be perceived in the country.

“There are going to be earthquakes, I told you that an earthquake was coming for October and then another one comes between December, January or February. That one is for the central zone and the one in October, between the fortnight and the 20th, comes to the north”, he explained.

Likewise, he shredded Daddy Yankee’s show in Chile, pointing to a supposed cult in full show: Accused fans of “draining energy”.

“I saw an image of a certain singer that shows something very ugly. So, he has to worship the one who commands everything. That’s the boss. There are people who say ‘oh, but he’s a goat’. No, he is not a goat, he owns everything. And all the people who have gone to that recital were drained. It’s called power drain,” he maintained.

Warning from Latife Soto

Now, the little witch used her Instagram account to share a new and enigmatic message to her followers.

Through a meager text, the tarot reader requested not to give away cats in the remainder of October.

“Do not give away cats during this month,” wrote the seer. Just in case, she explained: “They use them to harm them, let’s be careful.”