La Roja presents its payroll for the Odesur 2022 Games

During this day, The Chilean Under 20 National Team presented its male and female roster for the Odesur 2022 Gamesto be held in October in Asunción, Paraguay.

In the men’s team, the main absences are Darío Osorio and Lucas Assadigreat figures in the U. Of course, the return of Joan Cruz (Colo Colo) stands out, who had not been part of the tour of Spain.

In the women’s team, meanwhile, Mary Valencia appears as one of the most outstanding soccer players. The Chilean nationalized Colombian striker defends Santiago Morning and, by the way, has already had experience in the adult Red.

Check the payrolls of the Red:


Goalkeepers: Eduardo Villanueva (Colo Colo) and Thomas Gillier (Catholic University)

Defenses: Tomás Avilés (Racing Club), Sebastián Pino (Catholic University), Darko Fiamengo (Colo Colo), Yahir Salazar (University of Chile), Daniel Gutiérrez (Colo Colo) and Maicol León (Palestinian)

Frills: Jeison Fuentealba (University of Chile), Cristóbal Castillo (O’Higgins), Joan Cruz (Colo Colo), Manuel Lolas (Rangers) and Bryan González (Catholic University)

Attackers: Renato Huerta (University of Chile), Paolo Guajardo (Santiago Wanderers), Jordhy Thompson (Colo Colo), Vicente Conelli (Spanish Union) and Sebastián Pineau (Alianza Lima)


Goalkeepers: Ignacia Bustos (Fernández Vial) and Sofía Calbucura (Fernández Vial)

Defenses: Alexia Gallardo (Puerto Montt Sports), Constanza Santander (University of Concepción), Arantxa Araneda (University of Concepción), Krishna Allende (Colo Colo), Martina Osses (Colo Colo) and Claudia Salfate (Everton)

Frills: Michelle Olivares (Colo Colo), Sofía Barrios (Colo Colo), Elisa Durán (Colo Colo), Tamara Mansilla (Colo Colo), Margarita Collinao (Colo Colo), Khishna Contreras (University of Concepción) and Llanka Groff (University of Chile)

Attackers: Agustina Heyermann (Catholic University), Belén Bustos (Everton) and Mary Valencia (Santiago Morning)