Konami will present a new game of a series “loved around the world” at the Tokyo Game Show

Less and less is missing for a new edition of the Tokyo Game Show, and now from Konami have announced that they will present a new game of one of their sagas.

The company announced the line-up that will take to the event, which is mostly made up of already known titles. Along with this, there is a 45-minute presentation that will take place on September 16 and where the “Announcement of a new Konami release”.

“Voice actor Yuji Kaji will be invited as a guest to represent the fans of a series that is loved all over the world, on the announcement stage of a new Konami title”, mentions the description without giving further clues about it.

Although this triggers speculation, from VGC, they point out that one of their sources He mentioned to them that this is probably related to a small project, and not with the great returns that the company would be preparing for sagas like Castlevania, Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid.

It should be remembered that in recent months there have been a series of reports of the return of these sagas, mainly from Silent Hill, which even point out that it would have a remake of the second installment from the developer of The medium, Blobber Team.

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