Konami is working on launching a platform for the commercialization of NFT

While fans are still waiting to find out the future of sagas like Silent Hill, Castlevania or Metal Gear Solid, Konami seems to have other concerns, and now the company has announced thate has among its plans to launch a platform for the commercialization of NFT.

For this from the company 13 jobs have been opened for the development of Web3 and Metaverse services, with which they mention, they seek to strengthen and accelerate their business.

“We have been conducting research and development to incorporate the latest technology in games and content, and we plan to launch a service where players can exchange their NFTs (digital items) andn the game through a unique distribution platform that uses blockchain”, points to the post.

According to what they add “to further strengthen our structure and accelerate our business, we are looking for the following positions as members who will work together to expand our business and evolve into a new future for digital entertainment.”

On the occasion, they also point out their definition of NFT mentioning that “They can be used in games as items and as a way to participate in events and fan communities.. In addition, they also allow interaction with other services and communities to expand the user experience”.