Key hours for the fight for the ANFP chair: Fernando Aguad is getting ready to be the candidate to face Pablo Milad

The ANFP elections are already in full swing. The blocks that aspire to control the entity that governs Chilean professional soccer, in fact, are articulated. You go further and display your cards. A few days ago, the opposition to the current helmsman, paul miladraised the first name: Lorenzo Antillo. However, in the last few hours, a new option has emerged, which is beginning to gain strength to the detriment of the former president of Audax Italiano. The other letter is an old acquaintance in national football: the former president of Palestino Fernando Aguad.

During the last hours, the Arab leader has been defining the last steps to launch his candidacy. He knows that he has a deadline to register it until Thursday of this week. He has made calls to club presidents to know his position and little by little he has been defining his work plan. “He is very motivated, but he is evaluating all the points. He knows that it is an important decision that will involve a radical life change”, they say close to Aguad.

Aguad is a prosperous businessman. His professional career includes, in fact, a key role in the Itaú Corpbanca group, whose shareholder meetings he headed for six years. He held the first vice presidency and is credited with a fundamental role in the internationalization of the group and in the negotiations with Itaú Unibanco for the merger of both conglomerates. He also participates in other economic items.

Aguad is also a deep lover of football and, above all, of the La Cisterna team, of which he has been a lifelong fan. In May 2016, after six years at the front of the club, he announced his departure. His greatest achievement had been to qualify the Arab team for the Copa Libertadores the previous year. “I cannot fail to express my deep satisfaction for something that is undoubtedly greater than any sporting achievement. This great group knew how to identify Palestine with Palestine, we achieved a link that will remain in time and that crosses the borders of Chile and also of Palestine, a link that makes us different, that gives us a force that is unstoppable, a force that cannot be can not see or touch therefore can not be destroyed. It is the strength that Palestine and its people give us”, he expressed on that occasion, through a letter. One of his great aspirations pointed to the modernization of the La Cisterna stadium.

The link, naturally, survived the end of his term in the main institutional position. In April of this year, the club announced its reinstatement to the board, now headed by Jorge Uauy.

In La Cisterna stand out his permanent desire to collaborate with institutional development and his deep identification both with the club and with the Palestinian cause. They also highlight that he liked to work in a team and that he constantly asked for suggestions on how to conduct institutional activity. Of course, by virtue of the contingency, in the club they adopted as a stance not to refer to Aguad until the election process is over, although, briefly, they recognize his personal virtues.

In his environment, meanwhile, his permanent interest in physical activity stands out. He played basketball, an activity closely linked to family history, although where he shone the most was cycling. In the sport of two wheels, one of his greatest achievements was finishing a grueling race in New York.

In the Arab first team they remember him as a close leader. “To this day, when he is on the board of directors, no longer as president, and in the eight years that I have known him, he is always present. When I arrived he was the president and the truth is that he is a very close person to the club. To the first team as well as to the inferiors. He surprises me and makes me happy that people like him want to take on that position. He is very close to the player. When things are bad he is the first one who is there to fix things”, explains Agustín Farias.

It is when the team needs the leader the most. When things are good, it is not so noticeable. He is a man who loves Palestine and if he is all right, he is happy. He meets with the greatest, asks what is going on, always with the aim of moving the club forward. I’ve hung out with him a lot and he’s a transparent guy. He is a guy with whom you can chat, open to dialogue. That is essential. He wants to improve. It is his ability. Palestino has grown a lot, the work of him and the entire directory”, reinforces the flyer.

“He is a very generous guy, who is always willing to help the other, although he does not like it to be known what he does. He is open to endorse ”, he expands. “I have never heard anyone speak ill of him. He gets along with everyone. Hopefully, for the good of Chilean football, he would win this goal. Each management is different. I have no doubt that, with him, everything would improve, ”she says.