Kate Winslet Reveals Why Jack Couldn’t Survive Titanic

25 years after the premiere of the unforgettable film titanicagain a debate appeared that has haunted the director and the actors: why Jack (Leonardo Dicaprio) could not climb the floating door and thus survive.

That is the question that for years has been on the minds of viewers, who simply cannot forget the romance between Jack and Rose, the latter played by the actress Kate Winslet.

Let us remember that in titanic it is Rose who survives, after Jack asks her to go up to a door that was in the sea. In the middle of the night and with low temperatures both waited for the arrival of a boat that could rescue them, but that did not happen until several hours later.

When help finally arrived, Jack had already passed away from hypothermia.

And now, the actress Kate Winslet wanted to clarify from her personal vision why Jack could not have survived at that moment.

James Cameron’s classic premiered in 1997. Photo: Titanic.

In 2016, Winslet had already referred to this same question. At that time he stated that “he could have made a hole in that piece of door.”

But now, the actress from a secret passion had a completely different opinion. Recently, in an interview with the podcast “Happy Sad Confused” by Josh Horowitz, Kate had this to say: “I don’t know. That is the answer. I do not know”.

Having a background in scuba diving, paddle boarding and kitesurfing, Winslet said he has a close understanding of how water behaves. “If you put two adults on a stand-up paddleboard, it immediately becomes extremely unstable. That’s for sure,” she explained.

Jack and Rose are the protagonists of an “impossible” romance in the James Cameron film. Photo: Titanic.

“I have to be honest, I really don’t think we would have survived if we had both climbed on that door.”emphasized the actress.

In his words, what for years has been questioned in titanic It just wasn’t unfeasible: “I think it would have fit, but it would have been flipped and it wouldn’t have been a sustainable idea. Yes, she could have fit in that door, but she wouldn’t have stayed afloat.”

It is likely that the one who receives the most doubts about Jack’s death is the director from titanic, James Cameron.

And to leave behind the theories that have surrounded the feature film, the filmmaker announced that he will produce a documentary in which he hired a study scientist to show that the table could not support two adults.

“We have conducted a scientific study to put an end to all this and drive a stake through his heart once and for all. (…) Since then, we have carried out an exhaustive forensic analysis with a hypothermia expert who reproduced the raft in the film and we are going to do a small special that will be released in February”, Cameron commented, in statements collected by The Toronto Sun.