Karol Lucero’s unfiltered response to a question about her ex-partners: she alluded to “Arenita”

Through her social networks, Karol Lucero received a question to the bone about her former partners, which alluded to Natalia “Arenita” Rodriguez.

“What do you think about your ex talking about you, since you never talked about one of them?” They asked the former “Loquillo”.

The latter, in relation to recent statements by the former Yingo, who spoke without mincing words about the romance he had with Lucero.

For the same reason, Karol did not shrink and responded without a filter on the same virtual platform.

“People can choose what to talk about. In all these years, I have never referred to my exes, partners or relationships out of respect. I don’t need it, it’s part of the past; it also does not correspond, ”said the input influencer.

And along the same lines, he added: “all the stories have two points of view and versions- I do want them to talk about me, for being a public figure, for my work, not for what I could say about something that has been overcome and that it’s just part of a chapter in my life. So that?”.

Finally, the businessman revealed that “I rescue the experience and learning. That’s what life is about, moving forward, learning from mistakes and turning the page when appropriate.

Karol Lucero’s response