Karol Lucero and accusations of pyramid scam: “I was a deceived student, I sleep peacefully”

Former television entertainer Carol Lucero He defended himself against multiple comments on social networks that pointed to an alleged pyramid scheme and criticized his relationship with the questioned IM Academy, a company that in Chile was put under the magnifying glass of regulatory entities in 2020.

“I was a guy who I fell for that lienothing more,” Lucero wrote. According to his story, he was only with them for a month to learn about investing in cryptocurrencies, a topic that he continues to this day.

The alleged academy currently accumulates thousands of complaints in Spain, where media such as Business Insider they call her acryptosect” and they affirm that she is being investigated for the crimes of fraud and illicit association.

Lucero was also associated with the Kaiser Group, where users accuse him of inviting his followers to join in exchange for money. However, he now distances himself from that: “I thought they taught and were just looking to recruit people. It even continues to function and they have no problems with the law in Chile. Y for me it should not work“, he assured.

Along these lines, the announcer challenged his critics to find a formal complaint against him. “I was a deceived student (…) There is no one to accuse me of having cheated him. I sleep peacefully,” he said.