Karma did its thing! Argentine journalist who mocked Chile denounces fraud and is left without going to Qatar

Pablo Carrozza, controversial Argentine journalist, known for his “spicy” opinions on the world of football, has been having a hard time for a few hours.

The communicator, who laughs at Chilean soccer every time he can —for example, at past of Pablo Solari in Colo Colo— and the elimination of La Roja, it seems that he will have the same fate that he mocked so much.

Of course, because as he denounced on his Twitter account this weekend, he and another group of compatriots fell for a “scam” by an airline, so they are stranded in Madrid, with no defined destination, waiting to know what will happen…

“Edreams, Despegar, Iberia and British Airways defrauded about 20 Argentines with the flight to Doha. At this moment they are stuck in the Madrid airport. They pass the buck to each other and no one offers a concrete answer. They paid everything 6 months ago and they miss the World Cup ”, he explained in a first tweet.

And then he specified that “I am part of the group of Argentines cheated by Edreams. There are fans who had problems with Despegar. Iberia and British Airways are not responsible for anything. There are more than 20 going around Barajas. Some stay in Madrid. Others return to Argentina”.