Karen Bejarano shared records of the effects after trying a curious aesthetic treatment

The former Mekano girl, Karen Bejarano surprised her followers after showing the reaction of her skin on her social networks after trying a curious aesthetic procedure to improve his appearance.

Last Tuesday, November 29, the influencer shared videos on her Instagram stories in a beauty center where a laser was tested to erase the spots on her face.

Days later, the former The Chef’s Disciple published on the platform details of how the procedure evolves, showing the reaction of her skin spots after the treatment.

“I’m here to tell you how the laser process that I did for the spots is going… the laser for spots makes the spots appear more, like they are even more visible,” she said, showing the difference between her freckles and the marks she wants erase.

“My skin is much more radiant”

“The idea of ​​the laser is to expose them and then eliminate them, they go away, as if they deteriorated. And I also had a laser that brightens the skin (…) but yes, I have indeed realized that my skin is much more radiant”, assured Karen Bejarano.

“It is not to remove my freckles, watch out there. This is not going to erase my freckles and I don’t want it either. It is to remove spots that may look like freckles in some cases… it is a clarification, I love my freckles and I never want to remove them from my face, ”he clarified on the social network after receiving various questions about the procedure.

Look the following video: