Juvenal Olmos: “When I arrived at La Roja, the only one who didn’t congratulate me was Pellegrini”

Sabor a Gol, a soccer and cooking program sponsored by Sodimac, will premiere a new chapter this Thursday, October 13, which will include the participation of Juvenal Olmos. The former player and coach will refer to his time with the Chilean National Team between 2003 and 2005, a milestone that was marked by not qualifying for the World Cup.

“Pellegrini was the only one who didn’t congratulate me when I got to the National Team. We had had a lot of contact in the last 4 years. We talked but he didn’t congratulate me. He asked me if I was sure about directing La Roja: ‘Juvenal you have a whole career ahead of you, you’ve only been directing for four years’ (…) I do not regret having taken Chile. Although I know that there were talents in me who came green to the National Team”, confessed Olmos.

Along these lines, the current TNT SPORTS commentator highlighted: “After the first friendly match we had, where we beat Peru, I felt the fervor of La Roja. I arrived at my office in Pinto Durán and I asked myself: ‘Olmos, where have you been? There I felt the true weight of leading a team.

The costs of a failed process

Despite a promising start, with outstanding matches such as the away draw against the powerful Argentina National Team, La Roja de Olmos did not convince and the results did not come, culminating in a painful World Cup process in which Chile did not qualify, targeting the former technician as the main responsible.

“You make decisions and you can’t reverse them. Even when the decision led to something sad in my life. The Selection is a kind of pressure cooker where the only outlet is the technician. There was a game where the whole stadium started chanting against me: ‘Olmos, CTM (sic), because of you we’re not going to the World Cup’. My life began to transform. I started to break down and it ended with my leaving La Roja. This gave me a panic attack. I stayed at home for a year, without going out or working. I was in therapy for several months ”, closed the analyst of Todos Somos Técnicos.