Juvenal Olmos destroys Colo-Colo and asks his fans a particular question

The former national coach did not miss the opportunity to criticize the Eternal Champion’s transfer market for the 2023 season.

Colo-Colo He started the 2023 season on the wrong foot and fell through penalty kicks against Magellan by Chilean Super Cup. Given this, the questions were not long in coming and immediately different sports figures they charged against Black and White for the transfer market carried out so far.

One that did not want to miss the opportunity to criticize the mission of the concessionaire led by alfredo stohwing it was Juvenal Olmos. The panelist of Todos Somos Técnicos from TNT Sports made a reflection on the transfer market and the footballers who are looking for the clubs in each transfer window.

“When you talk about signings or players coming to a team, you have to make a list of several things. There are players who come to form a squad, others to earn a position, Two relatively equal players are coming and we will see which one will start and others who are reinforcements“, he claimed.

Juvenal Olmos does not see reinforcements for Colo-Colo

Along the same lines, the former national coach paused and sent a question to the Colocolino people. “The question is How many, at the moment, that have arrived at Colo-Colo are starters? Because they are the ones who are going to serve Quinteros in the Copa Libertadores phase,” he said.

To end, Juvenal Olmos closed his analysis and clarified that, up to now, not yet up a category addition to be immovable in the scheme of Gustavo Quinteros.

“When one says, we are going to play against the Argentines, against the Venezuelans, the Uruguayans, the Brazilians, what one wants in his team is for a reinforcement player to arrive that gives a plus to the eleven that there are. In Colo-Colo still, although it annoys many, no reinforcements have arrived. A holder, holder“, sentenced the former Catholic University.

Notably Colo-Colo up to now tied the arrival of Ferdinand dePaul, Ramiro GonzalezMatías Moya, Erick Wiemberg, Carlos Palacios and Leandro Benegas. In addition, it is expected that this Tuesday, January 17, he will present himself to Fabian Castillo (far left), in addition to being in negotiations with Matías Catalan (right side) and Michael Merentiel (forward) to close the 2023 squad with 9 additions.