Juan Ignacio Duma: “I follow Bulla a lot and the moment they are living makes me helpless”

John Ignatius Duma He was one of the promising players of the past decade in Chilean soccer. The Argentine arrived at the University of Chile youth academy in 2012 and shortly after his arrival, he became a figure of the first team, with goals in important matches, such as in classics and in a final, which meant a title for the club.

Although his tenure was almost ten years ago, the Chilean-Argentine striker fondly remembers his time at U. “There were several years of a lot of learning, of glorious moments, as well as being able to raise cups with the club that opened doors for me and gave me the opportunity to grow as a footballer and as a person”, noted Duma in AS.

– May 5, 2013 was the last time that Universidad de Chile defeated Colo Colo. On that occasion, you scored two goals. What memories do you have of that game and what did that duel mean in your career?

– Yes, the truth is that already playing a classic is something very significant for a player and it is very special. Scoring two goals and winning that classic, to this day, means a lot, both to me and also to the U fan, who still remembers me fondly.

What is your opinion regarding the fact that the U has not been able to win in any classic this year?

– The truth is that I follow Bulla a lot and the moment they are living makes me helpless, but from my position I just want the situation to be reversed and for the U to return to being that competitive team that it was several years ago.

– You are in Barnechea today, what can you tell us about your present?

– Barnechea does me a lot of good, it’s a club that values ​​me and takes great care of me. This year is very special, along with the birth of my daughter Agustina, the goals and good times arrived. I can say that it is the best football moment of my career, I feel very confident.

– What is the difference between the Duma 2022 with which you debuted in the blues a decade ago?

– The difference is the experience of all the moments that I lived being bad and good, and also the injuries that I had, which made me a person who does not give up before anything and who always fights to get ahead, which today He has me at a great level here in Barnechea.

– Barnechea has just beaten Magallanes 3-2, in one of the best games in Primera B. Today they will face Rangers, which is one of the teams that is in the playoff zone. Do you think that if they achieve a victory they get into the fight for promotion?

– It was a very tough game with Magallanes, he gave us an important emotional boost to face Rangers and try to score three. Thus, also, continue fighting for the place in the league and, in turn, move away from the last places in the weighted table.

– What are the next challenges in your career?

– End the year at a high level, doing important things with Barnechea, fighting in the league and moving up to the First Division. That would be a big step to be able to return to the U. It is a longing that I have had for a long time, it would be a reward for all the work that I have been doing these years.

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