“Joy is great, but happiness is not complete…”: Carlos Caszely shared an emotional reflection on a special statue in his honor

Former soccer player Carlos Caszely shared emotional words after receiving an incredible tribute days ago at the Monumental Stadium in Colo Colo.

Last Friday, December 16, the “king of the square meter” was honored with a special statue in honor of his career at the clubwhere he presented an emotional speech in honor of his wife, María de los Ángeles Guerra and thanked them for their support after his hard departure in February of this year.

Through his Instagram account, the idol of the Cacique continued to thank and highlight the expressions of affection after the important milestone, sharing emotional words.

“Thank you @csydcolocolo for such a beautiful tribute in life. The day they told me about this initiative, I thought it was a joke, however, we moved forward, we met with the sculptor (Oscar Plandiura) I learned a lot from his art and finally the sculpture saw the light!” Caszely pointed out.

“I would trade everything I have and what I did for a minute with you”

“Just as I thank the club’s board of directors, I thank my parents and my sister, my friends from the Bascuñán neighborhood, with whom I shared tremendous pichangas in the square, my classmates from the Darío Enrique Salas experimental high school, my classmates from Education Physics from the U. of Chile, to my soccer and communications colleagues”, expressed the albo idol.

“To my children and especially to my partner for 50 years María de los Ángeles Guerra Gonzales, the woman who picked me up when I fell, with whom we laughed and cried and with whom I walked hand in hand for 50 years, joy is great but happiness is not complete, I would change everything I have and what I did for a minute with you! A hug to everyone and thanks to the fans of Colo-Colo and football in general, this show of affection helps in something to carry on from day to day”, added the former footballer receiving affectionate messages of support.

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