Jorge Segovia explodes for the rescheduling of the duel between the Spanish Union and the U

Jorge Segovia is the owner of Unión Española. In that condition, he raises his voice for the rescheduling of the match against Universidad de Chile, for the Copa Chile. The meeting was suspended due to the refusal of the Presidential Delegation of Valparaíso to authorize its holding, considering the lack of a police contingent to guarantee it was held in optimal security conditions. Hispanics raised their voices through the general manager, Cristián Rodríguez. “It was not what we expected. Not because it was not a possibility, but because we wanted to present our points of view, with solid arguments. We respectfully ask Pablo Milad to be heard, but we learned from the press about the resolution that finally triggered the rescheduling,” the executive told El Deportivo.

Segovia agrees with that position. Through his Twitter account, the platform that he usually uses to analyze the contingency of national football and to criticize decisions that he does not like, Segovia expresses his position.

Bases of the tournament, for what? My “congratulations” to those who decided to ignore them. This is how we make football grow, improve and be respected in Chile”, he points out.

Jorge Segovia’s tweet.

Rodríguez had expressed the club’s apprehensions. “It seems to us that it was an issue that warranted not rescheduling because it was known by all that the winner of the match between the U and the UC forced us to coordinate another meeting a few days later. We believe that there could have been a lack of prior coordination, they acted against time. Whatever the reason, we believe that everything could have been foreseen if better planning was done. But that could not be verified and the federation board estimated that it should be rescheduled, “he said.

However, he avoided dramatizing the situation. “If we are in a crisis? It is an oversimplification to refer in those terms. Beyond these qualifications, what is required is to start a deep strategy planning process that integrates us all. All of us involved are obliged to respond to people’s expectations”, she continued.

His boss, Segovia, was, on the other hand, much more categorical when it came to analyzing the controversy.