Jorge Pellicer | “I couldn’t live with that”: the silent retirement of one of Chile’s most successful DTs

One day after the Ascent title obtained by Magellan, Jorge Pellicer answers the call of Ace. The now ex-technician directed Nicholas Nunez, coach of the ‘Academy’ and main architect of his historic campaign, and does not hesitate to shower him with praise: “I hope he is the main project of DT from Chile. It would be fantastic because, deep down, He is the kind of person you believe in as a football professional.” It is in this context that the retired strategist expands and argues why he decided to abandon the activity.

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In 2021, at just 55 years old and after passing through Unión Española, Pellicer announced that he would no longer be linked to the technical direction and that he would dedicate himself to his new role as a sports commentator. “I announce my retirement from professional soccer after more than 20 years of experience. I retire with a path well done, with very good feelings. I will no longer direct, he pointed out at the time. Now, the winner of two National Tournaments (one with UC and another with Huachipato) and a Chile Cup (with the University of Concepción) explains his reasons.

– Why did you want to stop directing?

– I decided to leave the activity because I was not captivated by the current condition of professional football. What happened with Magellan is what I do like. That comprehensive training that Cristian Ogalde (president of Magallanes) I am sure he knows well. The player must be armed from the human, sports structure, from respect for activity and good play, respect for amateurism, the shirt, passion for colors.

– Do you think that was lost?

– Yes. And I’d like you to accentuate that. It’s very important. Identification, love for the shirt and love for the colours, that is the priority in professional football and that is what has been lost. Today there is love for profit and the economy, and the T-shirt is a collateral for which I achieve that profit. I thought I couldn’t live with that. And I am going to try to attend to that from communications, so that we have many more Magellans and less compulsive finances.