Joe Abrigo after serious injury: In the dressing room the crying was much worse

The offensive midfielder of Coquimbo Unido Joe Abrigo experienced a dramatic moment last weekend in the O’Higgins duel after suffering a ruptured Achilles tendonin an injury that will keep him off the court for nine months.

In dialogue with The latest newsthe scorer of the pirate cast told details of what he experienced in those first minutes after the injury.

“In the first instance, the club’s medical staff saw me and They told me it was a cut in the Achilles tendon, but this Monday I was checked at the Meds clinic in Santiago and I have to wait for the final results to see how the recovery continues,” said Abrigo.

“I want the most convenient for my health, the main thing is that everything goes well and get ready. He caught me at a very good personal moment and this makes me sad,” he added.

“I realized immediately, I felt that sound like a board breaking next to you, like I was kicked very hard and I was looking back. I asked a rival how did you hit me? He replied that I hit myself. That’s when I realized that I had broken something. I started to move my foot thinking the worst, that I had broken my ankle, everyone saw me with a scared face because I knew the magnitude of the injury, “he said.

He acknowledged that “I burst into tears because many things came to my mind. This thing of injuring myself again and making it serious. She was angry, helpless and in the dressing room the crying was much worse “.


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