Joan Cruz leaves for Spain: he already has a new team

Joan Cruz’s novel of the future already has its final chapter. The 19-year-old midfielder leaves Colo Colo and will reach the Spanish Second Division.

According to the La Nueva EspaƱa site, Real Oviedo will take over the services of the man trained in Maculwho could not have much continuity with the Chilean team in the South American Sub 20.

In Colo Colo they expected the young man to join the practices this Tuesday, but in the end that did not happen. From the agency that represents him, they interpret that the contract with the albo box expired on December 31, after not complying with a clause stipulated by summons, and that would have meant his automatic renewal.

Thus, he lands in Spain as a free player and will only leave training rights to the albos. As reported by the Spanish media, the player signed a contract with the Pachuca group (owner of Real Oviedo), for which they hope to send him to the club’s subsidiary, but training continuously with the first teamthis for the next six months.

The footballer played more than 20 games with the cacique’s shirtwhere he scored only one goal in the final of the Copa Chile 2021. With this he will have his first experience abroad and thus joins the other Chileans who play in the second category in Spain, Tomas Alarcon (Real Zaragoza), Ignacio Jeraldino (Sporting Gijon) and Williams Alarcon (UD Ibiza).