Javier Cordero: “I suffered in my room, I was always sad, but my dad told me to persevere… That’s how I managed to debut”

Until one day the moment he had been waiting for so long came. At the age of 22, Javier Cordero made his professional debut in the Barnechea goal, in the surprise 3-2 win over Magallanes. The young man came into action at 72 ‘, when after the expulsion of goalkeeper Cristian Campestrini he replaced Juan Ignacio Duma.

Upon entering, Cordero found himself with a penalty against. However, Felipe Flores, who stood in front of the ball, raised the shot. From that, the spirit of the meta grew and his personality emerged in each intervention. “I had a couple of bad serves, but I felt good, comfortable and safe”, says the goalkeeper in dialogue with AS.

And he deepens: “It was still difficult to debut, because I didn’t expect it, although afterwards I relaxed… When I was putting on my shin guards and pulling up my socks, the archery teacher and the kine, who are the ones I trust the most, They told me ‘this is your chance’. I felt pride. I have a lot of love for the club.”. Javier Cordero is trained in the huaicochera squad.

– Considering that he has been in the Barnechea first team for three years. Did you have a bad time not playing?

– No. I always waited for the time to come. My dad always told me the same thing: ‘Persevere and it’s going to touch you’.

– Recently, you also suffered a severe injury…

– Yes, a maxillofacial fracture. It was in the preseason this year. I had been playing all the friendlies, as the second goalkeeper, and I took it on in a good way. And already in the last game, against Unión San Felipe, practically at the end, I took a ball out of the area and collided with a rival and he kneed me in the face. I was unconscious… Then the paramedic arrived, they took me to the emergency room and they operated on me a week later. Everything was very bad, because I was unemployed for two months.

“This year I had a fracture in my face. I was kneed and knocked unconscious. Everything was bad, since I was unemployed for two months.

Javier Cordero


Javier Cordero, on the right, in Barnechea.

– And did it cost you a lot to return?

– It was more difficult for me to return to the citations, because I was still competing with Sebastián Salas, who is the one with whom we fought for second place as goalkeeper. We both have a very good level.

– Have you had more difficult moments?

– One always suffers in the race, but last year I was on loan at Deportes Colina and I was looking for the opportunity to debut. And it didn’t touch me, I couldn’t do it. It was where I suffered the most, because I went to the bench every game. I had talked about it in Barnechea, that I was going out to play, to make my debut, to make my first weapons in professionalism, but it didn’t happen. So, there Barnechea gave me the chance to come back this year and the debut came unexpectedly.

– What was your suffering reflected in Colina?

– In the motivation to train. Like he didn’t get that little taste for football, like he didn’t want to anymore… I was with my partner and I suffered a lot in my room, always sad for not being able to play, but my dad gave me that advice to persevere until he got out . Now I’m glad I debuted.

“I suffered a lot in my room, I was always sad for not being able to play, but my dad gave me that advice to persevere until I got out. I’m glad I made my debut.”

Javier Cordero
Lamb in a training of Sports Hill.


Lamb in a training of Sports Hill.

– Tell me how was this debut for your family…

– My partner, ‘Romi’, was very happy. She screamed, jumped. My mom and brother watched the game too, and my dad was working. But no, everyone was elated. They expected it just like me. They all knew what I wanted, so they were very happy and jumping (laughs).

– With the victory over Magallanes, they were two points away from the league…

– All year we have been close to the league, but what worries us most is the weighted table. There it is more complicated.

– What are your personal goals?

– Since I arrived at the club, my goal has always been to leave a mark, to be a very important player. Then I would like to be able to go higher and succeed. More than anything, I want to be successful in life.

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