Japanese composer Yuzo Koshiro reveals that he is working on a new game for the Mega Drive

The Japanese video game music composer Yuzo Koshiro has announced that he is working at his Ancient studio, in a new game for the Mega Drive/Genesis, which is a shoot ’em up reminiscent of classic franchises from the eighties.

Through his Twitter account he released the news, where he shared some images of the game while mentioning that “It looks like an old shoot ’em up, but it is a new game that we are developing, which goes back to the famous franchises of the 80s. We will release it for MD/Genesis. I’m doing the soundtrack and I’ve also come back as a game designer since Beyond Oasis.”

Through other messages on the social network, the composer went a little further and explained that he is building the soundtrack and sound effects with the hardware of the time. “The soundtrack and sound effects will definitely go with a native YM2608 driver. It’s the first time in thirty years that I’ve worked on Mega Drive / Genesis, since I did all the songs for Beyond Oasis. Of course, there is no streaming audio CD.

At the moment details of the launch of the game are unknown, but as he mentions “We are considering various ideas to launch it, including the sale of physical cartridges.”

It should be remembered that Yuzo Koshiro in his career worked on several games for the Sega console, such as the Streets of Rage trilogy, The Revenge of Shinobi and ActRaiser.