Jakub Szewczyk: “Chile have a golden generation… they shouldn’t miss another World Cup in 10 or 15 years”

“Barcelona should sign Pizarro as Busquets’ heir”. Jakub Szewczyk’s phrase, on the European portal Target Scouting, generated repercussions among the Chilean media. The specialist in young players praised the midfielder of Colo Colo and Now, in conversation with AS, he delves into Chilean football.

“I am in shock because many have published the article and the reaction has been very positive. I am very glad that most people enjoyed it. On the Target Scouting website and Twitter account, “game reports” get less attention than any other. The current numbers exceed my wildest dreams.” part Szewczyk in relation to the dissemination of his analysis.

– We would like you to deepen your analysis of Vicente Pizarro. Why was he so surprised?

– I saw Vicente Pizarro play three games. Two with against Ñublense in the Chile Cup and one by Chile U23 against Peru. I had heard from other scouts and Chilean soccer people that he is a great player, so I knew he was going to be good, but he impressed me. I think that in the second half against Ñublense, when Colo-Colo had more of the ball, he shone. In that game, he showed great positioning, strength in the tackle and extraordinary accuracy in passing. In England there is something called “the four corners model”. The corners are “technical/tactical”, “physical”, “social” and “psychological”. They are terms that describe the things a scout should look for. I think a world-class player has to have all four things.

– And do you think he has them?

– Not yet. We know that he is quite weak and not very fast, but he can often mitigate these weaknesses. And he’s only 19, so he’s got time to grow up. If he improves physically, I don’t see any reason why he can’t be a champions league level player.

– What other young Chilean players catch your attention?

– I started watching Chilean soccer six months ago. During that time, the best young Chilean player in the tournament was, without a doubt, Marcelino Núñez. I am very happy that he has moved to Europe and I have been impressed with how quickly he has adapted to the English championship. I think he will get Norwich promoted, and then he should go to a club that is fighting for the Europa League. The University of Chile has two future stars: Darío Osorio and Lucas Assadi, but both need to improve a lot. However, they are, along with Pizarro, the best young players in Chile at the moment. I also like Williams Alarcón and Rodrigo Cisterna. I have not yet had the pleasure of seeing Eduardo Villanueva, but I have heard very good things about him.


Jakub Szewczyk is a specialist in young soccer players and gave his analysis of several names of the National Tournament.

– What markets would be suitable for young Chileans to develop in terms of their characteristics?

– Portugal is a fantastic league for South American talent to develop. I think Italy would be a great place for Chileans to develop due to the slower pace of the league as clubs like AC Milan and Atalanta are well known for allowing young players to impress in the first team and helping them develop. . If they are successful in those leagues, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and the big English clubs could sign them.

– Which players do you see or project as leaders of this replacement process that Chilean football is experiencing?

– Chile has a golden generation. The U23 has a huge amount of talent. I think the next stars of the national team will be Osorio and Pizarro. Chile has more than enough good young players not to miss another World Cup in the next 10 or 15 years.

– How did your interest in Chile arise?

– My relationship with Chile began as a result of my curiosity, my desire for adventure and my university degree. I study French and Spanish at university and had the pleasure of spending my third year in countries where Spanish and French are spoken. I had the option of studying anywhere in Spain or in Valparaíso, Chile. When I saw the South American option, I knew there was no better option for me. When I arrived, I was amazed by the incredible mountains, the beautiful beaches, and the wonderful people.

– Is Chile a soccer country?

– All the Chileans I met were very friendly and happy to talk about football. I don’t have family in Chile, but I’m passionate about soccer there. It’s fantastic and I love being able to see it often. The fans are amazing and make watching every match a fantastic experience. I hope to be able to work for a club and watch Chile on a daily basis in the future.

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