J. Allen Brack, President of Blizzard, Announces His Retirement from the Company

Source: thegamer.com

during the last few weeks Blizzard Entertainment has been facing serious accusations, which began with a lawsuit from the state of California for sexual harassment, at this time statements and stories have begun to appear that have left the company in a very bad position.

As has been commented on in different media, several heads have begun to roll at Blizzard and in recent hours it has been announced that J. Allen Brack, who took command of the company to replace Mike Morhaime, is retiring.

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It’s been through a official statementwhere Blizzard has communicated the resignation of J. Allen Brack in which it is mentioned who will be in charge from now on, in it, it does not emphasize, nor does it give much prominence to the departure of Allen Brack, more Beyond mentioning that you want to look for “new opportunities”.

In the position there will be two co-leaders to replace the president, who will be Jen Oneal and Mike Ybarra, where the former spent more than 18 years at Vicarious Visions and until recently was Vice President of development at Blizzard, and the latter, known for his years at Xbox and was until recently Vice President of Platform and Technology at the company.

Apparently and in the absence of a president as such of Blizzard, it seems that Activision will seek to take more power over the decisions of Blizzard Entertainment, it will be necessary to see what solutions they will grant to the workers Jen Oneal and Mike Ybarra, so that things internally reach a more normal point.