“I’ve been more than a year…”: Adriana Barrientos gave details of her sexual abstinence

The former reality girl, Adriana Barrientos caught the attention of the web after revealing in the most recent chapter of Podemos Hablar that she is practicing sexual abstinence.

Through the CHV show, the influencer confessed that she is single and has not had sex for a while.

“What happens is that I have been practicing yoga for a long time and I learned that the most powerful energy in the world is when you are intimate with a man,” said the model.

“Then the subject of yoga also implies spiritual growth that has served me a lot. I am a much better, purer person. In yoga they ask to stay for long periods in order to cleanse your soul and not mix your energies with other people. And because of that I have been in withdrawal from intimacy,” she mused.

“I haven’t had many opportunities”

“It’s been more than a year… In any case, I haven’t had a chance at anything either and you know that opportunity makes the thief. But I haven’t had many opportunities,” Barrientos confessed.

“I rarely go out, my Tinder account was closed, I haven’t dated anyone for a year… And on Tinder they told me I shouldn’t impersonate, they didn’t think it was me. The period of abstinence ends when love arrives and that is the issue has not arrived; I walk like a goat cat ”, she affirmed.

“Do you feel for a moment periods of loneliness?” Jean Philippe Cretton asked him about his singleness, to which he answered directly.

“In my house, at night yes, one feels alone and makes you want to have company. And while it is true that one has family and friends, one starts calling friends and it turns out that when they are with a partner, the spinster is left out. They don’t answer the phone,” she noted.

“So I have to wait for my friends to finish hanging out so I can have a place in their lives. Now, I thank God that my brother isn’t hanging out, he’s been single for about two months and we haven’t stopped going from restaurant to restaurant or going to the movies. But that can end when he has his partner. It’s hard. I depend all the time on when my close ones are without a partner, ”he added, surprising him with what he said.