“It’s what the fans asked for,” says its director

Assassin’s Creed Mirage It is still a few months away from reaching our homes, but being such a popular saga today, fans are savoring it as if its release was tomorrow. While we wait, the development team gradually clarifies the intention with this new installment, today being the surprise that the game will be “everything the fans asked for”according to its director.

St├ęphane Boudon (creative director of the game) exclaimed in a recent interview that the wish with Mirage was to return to the “fundamental pillars” from the seriesbut not without discarding what has been learned with games that have changed the formula to a certain degree, such as Valhalla Y odyssey.

“Origins, Odyssey, Valhalla are all great games with the promise of an epic journey into a fantasy. Their visions were calibrated to fulfill those ambitions while assimilating the mechanics of an RPG.” […] But among our fans, we began to hear a desire for a protagonist-centric story, focused on the fundamental pillars of the saga on a more intimate scale.”

An Assassin’s Creed of yesteryear

In other words, don’t expect a Assassin’s Creed like the last ones that have gone on sale; as well as with Altair or Ezio, Basim Ibn Ishaq will be the focus of this new adventure in the Middle Eastand although we still have a lot to see to give a verdict, this installment aims to attack nostalgia among the most veteran community of Assassin’s Creedwhich is why it was unnecessary for the company to give us a remake from the first game.

Of course, you can expect classic elements like the Parkour and a plot with many references to real-world history, as this popular Ubisoft franchise was born and grew. Assassin’s Creed Mirage will arrive sometime in 2023but insiders affirm that we will see it in august.