“It’s still super cute …”: Paula Escobar’s ironic comment after passing through Star Zone

For this week he joined the panel of Star Zone the journalist Paula Escobar, who broadcasts Que te lo digo every Sunday with Sergio Rojas.

This Sunday, Rojas and Escobar talked about all the cahuín about Raquel Argandoña’s imminent departure from the Zona Latina entertainment program. Y former panelist I beat He even revealed the team’s supposed annoyance with the Quintrala.

This Monday, Escobar returned to the screens in Star Zone chatting with Argandoña, Cecilia Gutiérrez, Hugo Valencia, Manu González and Mario Velasco about the most recent gossip of the show business. But apparently the chemistry with the panel was not the best.

“A very difficult week”

This morning, the journalist met with her friend Sergio and they went to have breakfast together, then taking advantage of the snub they made to Paula on the program.

“We are here on the live ‘El cesante’ with a new guest: Paula… now you are not unemployed, friend,” Rojas commented in a video that he uploaded to his Instagram stories.

After this, and true to his foul-mouthed style, the communicator launched: “Here we are cramming things, supporting Paula in a very difficult week with very emotionally unstable co-workers, very decent people.”

For her part, Paula referred to the snub with an ironic comment. “Hey, it’s still super nice to talk to yourself,” she commented with a laugh.

“Journalistic ethics class, it’s true that some of them aren’t journalists… I understand, chubby,” Rojas concluded, adding even more fuel to the fire.

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