“It’s not no!”: Lali Esposito stopped the sexual harassment of viewers

Lali Espósito is a panelist on the popular Spanish program “El Hormiguero”, where they have a section for viewers to write letters telling their doubts and personal problems.

It is there where the Argentine artist advises them on infidelities, family difficulties and different delicate situations; however, one letter in particular brought out the more activist side of her.


Driver Pablo Motos began to read: “Attention to this one. I have not put any censorship because it has to be what comes, ”he began warning.

“I am in love with my neighbor Blanca. What do you recommend I do to attract her? She sued me for harassment last year and I won the lawsuit. That’s why I don’t know what to do. Please help. I just sent her 18 yellow roses and a stuffed animal. Cool. Raul”.

“I am not surprised that justice does not support women”

Lali’s face began to disfigure while listening to the story, and as soon as she could, she attacked: “Raúl is great that you have sent this message because you give everyone in the most watched program on television what a stalker is.”

And he goes on to say: “He himself says that the guy asks his neighbor out, she tells him no, her neighbor reaches the point of denouncing him. I mean, this comes to justice.”

“He brags about having won it – I’m not surprised at all that justice doesn’t support women in this – and suddenly the guy insists again to go out. Good vibes puts at the end … “, she sentenced.

And he ends by adding: “For me this is a clear example of what it is to be a stalker. It’s great that the girls on the other side see this and understand that a bouquet of flowers does not justify violence. So, dear Raúl, it’s not no, it’s what I have to tell you. No means no!”.

The response of the multifaceted 30-year-old artist was widely applauded and viralized on social networks.