“It’s my first time”: the touching gesture that Kate Winslet had with a young interviewer

“It’s my first time,” a young reporter confessed to Kate Winslet, an actress who played the iconic “Rose” in titanic.

“Is this your first interview?” the actress asked the girl, named Martha.

The moment occurred during December, according to El País, when the interpreter was promoting her recently released film, Avatar 2: The Sense of Water. Meanwhile, the young woman debuted as an interviewer for the children’s and youth program Logo!, of the German channel ZDF.

-Did you know? Kate shot. When we do this interview, we’re going to get the best interview ever. And do you know why?

-Why? the young woman replied nervously.

“Because we have decided so,” he declared by way of encouragement. You and I have decided that this is going to be a fantastic interview. You are going to ask me everything you want, you are not going to be scared and it will be great. Ready? Here we go!

After the conversation, both sealed the moment with a nice selfies together.

Relive the moment here