“It’s going to be spectacular at historic levels”

If the second installment of the Evening of the Year caused Ibai to be confirmed as the most innovative streamer on the planet, the grid version planned for Tortillaland points to similar levels within the very popular Minecraft. “I was with Heberon, the gods and AuronPlay talking at four in the morning, and what we are going to do is going to be spectacular at historical levels“.

We know it’s the typical phrase which is said when any creator has an ad of variable relevance, although when the Basque pronounces it it is different. He is not ‘any creator’: “I think Tortilla Land 2 is going to make history, and that this is going to be much bigger than i thought“.

“I can’t spoil you because we have to think about them“, comments on the chosen ones to fight that are not yet definitive. “The dates that Ibai gives them”, adds Auron, affirming that they have them “quite clear” but due to organizational precaution it does not seem opportune to publish them yet.

The event is more yours than mineI provide the server and the people”, continues the Catalan but with one condition: “Heberon (the chief programmer of Tortilla) and his team I want you to focus on the lore (the story) of Tortilla, I don’t want them to be distracted by events that add to that”. Come on, La Velada is what could be called a one shot, and for Auron “it is an honor” to host it.

The fact is that with the heat of the Minecraft version of the event many people are overlooking the details that little by little emerge about the third face-to-face meeting. Confirmed from the same day of the second chapter, there are contenders who are preparing conscientiously a year before the same is held.

It could be the case alexelcapowho since being single has embraced exercise as an antidote to sorrow and Twitter controversies. With his usual sarcasm, during a live show last week he assured that “He will hit Felipez on Evening 3”something that could not be a joke as it was featured on its own timeline.

There is as much expectation for a fight between pixels as for those to come in gloves, an achievement in which Ibai is already taking time to make the event a registered trademark, release merchandising and even set a date for ticket sales. “We’ll see how it goes,” the Bilbao man said cautiously.

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