“It’s beautiful to leave like this.” Millaray Viera shares images of an intimate farewell to CHV

A little over a week after it was confirmed Millaray Viera’s resignation from Chilevisiónlast Friday night his closest colleagues on the channel organized an intimate farewell for him.

“Last night was my #1 bachelor party organized by the beautiful team at I am in the house of Carlos Valencia. Thank you Carlitos, for putting the enclosure and the heart. Thank you for your words and your school these years that I will treasure forever,” the host wrote on Instagram, with words dedicated to the executive director of the program.

In the photos and videos he shared, faces like Antonio Vodanovic, Julio César Rodríguez, Julián Elfenbein and Fran García-Huidobro can be seen.

“Friendship will continue, regardless of the channel”

In his post, Millaray Viera He thanked his colleagues and assured that they will maintain their friendship. “You can’t imagine how much gratitude I feel right now, fellow teachers. I owe them everything I have learned,” he said.

“It is beautiful to leave like this. I am going to miss them a lot, but I am sure that we will meet again sooner than later to continue sharing the passion for what we do and I have no doubt that the friendship will continue, regardless of the channel we are on. I love them infinite! ”, She closed her.