“It’s an airplane”: Juan Castillo uncovers the new reinforcement of Colo Colo

The Colombian Fabián Castillo (30) became the seventh reinforcement of Colo Colo. The attacker from Tijuana He has already arrived in Chile and will join a team that received the first blow of the season after the defeat in the Super Cup against Magallanes. DT Gustavo Quinteros insistently requested an international pointer and the coffee grower became his bet.

From abroad, a player who passed through the white box has carefully followed the details. This is Juan Castillo, a former Uruguayan goalkeeper who was in Macul between 2011 and 2012, and who coincided with the Colombian at Deportivo Cali. “Since the beginning, he showed that he had abilities that were different from those of all the players,” he does not hesitate to praise him in conversation with AS.

What memories do you have of him?

– Uff, you don’t know what it was. He is a plane, a very fast player on the wings. I shared with him during my time in Colombia, I remember that he was just beginning his professional career, it was his first seasons, but he already showed his speed in training. He marked differences with the other boys that he had at that time.

– Will it be a good contribution for the Cacique?

– For me if. One can be wrong, but knowing him at the age of 18, I think he can be a great contribution to the club and to Chilean soccer in general, for a reason he spent so much time in the United States and Mexico, level leagues. Hopefully he can do well and find a football where he can demonstrate his abilities and become a great addition.

– What does it mean to play in Colo Colo?

– Any coach or player knows what this institution means, in Chile it is special because more than 60% of the population are fans of this team. It is different, it is something that I at least have not seen anywhere else in the world.