“It’s almost obvious…”: White Honey revealed who he thinks will be the big winner of The Disciple of the Chef

This week’s chapter of The Chef’s Disciple sparked a controversy after the disqualification of one of its participants.

The winner of the first season of the program, White Honey, caught Covid, for which she was automatically disqualified from the competition. After the broadcast of the episode, the young woman issued a furious discharge through her social networks.

However, during a conversation with Page 7the former participant referred to the final and bet on who will be the brand new winner of this season.

“A program like this should win, the person who has talent, culinary skills to be able to lead a restaurant; someone with experience, with a lot of work in the culinary field,” said the young woman.

Along the same lines, he added that “arriving at a restaurant, without knowing what it is about or not being linked to the cooking industry, makes it difficult for something positive to come out. The field is very difficult and heavy”.

“It’s almost obvious that he’s going to win…”

Regarding who will win this season’s grand prize – which is to lead one of the Monticello restaurants for one year – Miel has a clear choice since the winner will be chosen by popular vote.

“Beyond everything I said and because of a popular vote issue, it is almost obvious that Yuhui is going to win,” said Miel.

He also explained his reasons for betting on Yuhui as the big winner this season.

“He is very close to people, he is very nice, I like him super well and he is close to people. I think it is the third time that he has participated in a program like this and they say that the third time is the charm. Most likely, he will win, ”she assured.

Finally, Miel concluded that “beyond the person I want to win, I think it has to be someone with experience and a more internalized culinary world”