“It’s a good idea…”: the surprise guest who could say present at the Colo Colo title celebration

Although Colo Colo has already become champion after Sunday’s resounding victory over Coquimbo Unido at the Francisco Sánchez Rumoroso, the celebration will have to wait a week.

After the ANFP decided that the delivery of the cup would not take place in the Fourth Region, all the paraphernalia will be transferred to the Monumental stadium, where the albos will face O’Higgins de Racangua next Sunday already with the 33rd star in their showcases.

And although the non-celebration thus left a vein to the players, fans and directors of the Cacique, this new scenario could serve for a luxury guest to appear at the celebrations in Macul: Pablo Solari.


The current River Plate player was part of the squad during the first semester and was a fundamental piece in obtaining the title. For the same reason, some fans started a campaign for “El Pibe” to say present at the ceremony where the albos receive the cup.

“It’s a good idea, maybe we’ll take advantage of it,” launched the president of Blanco y Negro, Alfredo Stöhwingl, in a chat with Give Alba.

On the other hand, he also expressed all his joy after lowering a new star.

“This is a gift for our fans. Thanks to our squad, coaching staff and a whole club that has pushed from behind”, he added.