“It will not happen again”: 16-year-old tennis player had to give explanations for controversial celebration with his father at the US Open

Sara Bejlek is just 16 years old and is a tennis player of Czech origin who currently ranks 194th in the world in the WTA ranking. But in the last hours her name has been repeated as much as if she had managed to get into the top ten or maybe an epic victory. To her misfortune, she is not like that…

It all happened last Friday, when she beat the British Heather Watson, by partials of 3-6, 6-4 and 7-5. Then, her triumph went into the background: she approached her father and coach, Jaroslav Bejlek, and they hugged in such an affectionate way, that it aroused suspicions of all kinds.

Specifically, you can see in the images how the man pats her in the gluteal area and, later, apparently kisses her on the mouth.

The video immediately went viral on social networks, and users soon criticized what they saw. “At least this video is murky,” commented one. Another asked to investigate, “there may be abuse there.” “Disgusting,” finished a third.

Anyway, the tennis player had to go out and explain: “It was a spontaneous reaction from the whole team. It certainly may seem inconvenient and awkward to some, but we’ve already discussed it with the team. It will not happen again, ”she maintained at the outset.

“Dad is my dad and always will be. And I’ve known my coach since I was eight years old. If something similar happened in the Czech Republic, nobody would deal with it. But since we are in the United States, everyone talks about it. But as I say, we talked and it will not happen again, ”he completed.

Check out the video and some reactions:

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