“It was the third or fourth time”: The unknown details of Pellegrino’s arrival at the U

Mauricio Pellegrino is already living his time at the helm of the University of Chile, and in his first interview with the club he said that he made him accept the offer, in addition to his great goal for 2023. “I want them to feel represented.”

The strategist was the secret letter of the technical management of Manuel Mayo, and a meeting in Buenos Aires was key. “Incredibly it is the third or fourth time that I have spoken with people from the clubso I felt like working with the club’s wishes,” he explained.

Before taking over, Pellegrino was aware of the challenge that lies ahead. A club with high pressure and a long sequence of bad results. “I have that challenge of building a team, an identity that can be consistent with the history of this club. The U comes from difficult years and I want to build something important”.

The trans-Andean sees himself empowered and supported by the Azul Azul board of directors to make changes. “The conversations and what the club had planned with what the club owners think, there is a congruence between what I can offer.”

Regarding the team he seeks to capture, former Southampton and Alavés, he is clear. “I like doing things right. I like to do things conscientiously and I think about them, I meditate on them, I make a lot of mistakes, and since I have made many mistakes I know where not to go, so my experience has helped me a lot”.